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Private lessons, classes in Madrid, Madrid, Spain or online via telephone, email, text chat, voice chat, video conferencing.

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 Profile of CERVANTES Academy of languages Date: May 12, 2010 
The Basics
Name: CERVANTES Academy of languages
Feedback rating: No student feedback
Self-study lessons: No online lessons
Language(s) to teach:
(N) Arabic, Moroccan
(N) English
(N) French
(N) Italian
(N) Portuguese
(N) Spanish

(N) = Also native language of teacher.
City: Madrid
State, province or region: Madrid
Country: Spain
  • Teaching
  • Tutoring
  • Lessons delivery:
  • Live in person
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Text chat
  • Voice chat
  • Video conferencing
    Program Summary
    Class sizes available:
  • Private Lessons
  • 2-3 students
  • Student proficiency levels:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Facets available:
  • Grammar
  • Conversation
  • Study Abroad
  • Business
  • Test Preparation

    Teaching Approach

    Who's learning Spanish these days?

    For starters, residents of UK and the United States, a bunch not known for conquering monoligualism, are studying Spanish in record numbers. Spanish, too, is becoming of greater importance in Europe, where it often the foreign language of choice after English. And it's no wonder that Spanish is a popular second language: with some 400 million speakers, it's the second most commonly spoken language in the world (after English), and according to some counts it has more native speakers than English does. It is an official language on four continents and is of historical importance elsewhere.'
    The number alone makes Spanish a good choice for those wanting to learn another tongue. But there are plenty of other reasons to learn Spanish. Here are a few:

    Better understanding of English: Much of the vocabulary of English has Latin origins, much of which came to English by way of French. Since Spanish is also a Latin language, you will find as you study Spanish that you have a better understanding of your native vocabulary. Similarly, both Spanish and English share Indo-European roots, so their grammars are similar. There is perhaps no more effective way to learn English grammar than by studying the grammar of another language, for the study forces you to think about how your language is structured. It's not unusual, for example, to gain an understanding of English verbs' tenses and moods by learning how those verbs are used inSpanish.

    Knowing your neighbors: Not all that many years ago, the Spanish-speaking population of the United States was confined to the Mexican border states, Florida and New York City. But no more. Even at less than 100 kilometers from the Canadian border, there are Spanish-speaking people living on. Knowing Spanish has been proven invaluable in speaking with other residents in many towns who don't know English.

    Travel: If you've ever dreamed of visiting far-off, exotic, tropical places, you don't have far to look when you consider the great number of Spanish-speaking countries that fit this description. Wherever you decide to go, be it to Central America, or to Spain, the mother-country of the Spanish language, knowing the language will get you far.
    Knowing the language and culture of the land you visit will give you insights into the people and culture that a non-Spanish speaker would never have access to. Knowing even a little Spanish ahead of time helps travelers communicate more successfully, especially considering that a great number of Spanish speakers do not know English. Whether giving an address in a taxi, making reservations in a hotel, ordering food or drinks in a restaurant, or meeting the locals at the main hang-out, your travel experience will be much smoother and more enjoyable when you can communicate.
    If you take a little time to learn some of the Spanish language before heading off to distant lands, your understanding and appreciation for the places you visit will be improved tremendously.

    Cultural understanding: While most of us can't hope to learn the languages of more than one or two cultures other than that of our own, those that we can learn help us to learn how other people learn and think. When you read Latin American or Spanish newspapers, for example, you often find that you gain a sense of how other people think and feel, a way that is different than your own. Spanish also offers a wealth of literature, both modern and traditional.

    Learning other languages: If you can learn Spanish, you'll have a head start in learning the other Latin-based languages such as French and Italian. And it will even help you learn Russian and German, since they too have Indo-European roots and have some characteristics (such as gender and extensive conjugation) that are present in Spanish but not English. And I wouldn't be surprised if learning Spanish might even help you learn Japanese or any other non-Indo-European language, since intensive learning the structure of a language can give you a reference point for learningothers.

    It's easy: Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn. Much of its vocabulary is similar to English's, and written Spanish is almost completely phonetic: Look at almost any Spanish word and you can tell how it is pronounced. And while mastering the grammar of Spanish can be a challenge, basic grammar is straightforward enough that you can have meaningful communication after only a few lessons.

    Communicate with 350 million native Spanish speakers worldwide: Spanish is spoken by at least an estimated 350 million people around the world. Geographically, a large number of countries have Spanish as a dominant language: Spain, the United States, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Knowing Spanish opens the door for you to communicate with 1/3 of a billion speakers worldwide!

    Use Spanish to improve your employment potential:
    Know a second language? Great, you're hired!
    If you have proven yourself to be a capable employee with just the right job skills AND you speak a foreign language such as Spanish, you are much more likely to land that job of your dreams than if you are monolingual. In fact, many jobs today require a minimum of basic proficiency in another language.
    With the world becoming ever more global, contact with people of other countries has increased tremendously in recent decades. Just having a basic knowledge may be all it takes to separate yourself from the crowd of applicants for the job you are pursuing. With the rapidly increasing Hispanic population, there are a multitude of career fields in the US that need Spanish speakers. Among them are nurses, social workers, teachers, salespeople, translators, and many more.
    Internationally, people who speak Spanish often have opportunities to work in trade or business fields. Other options include diplomacy, interpretation, and security applications, which all require a sensitivity and proficiency of another language. And did you know that bilingual employees often receive a larger salary than their non-Spanish speaking counterparts?
    If the chance to show off your skills and be more competitive on the job market doesn't interest you in studying Spanish, perhaps the extra cash will!

    Learn Spanish to prepare for study abroad opportunities: Many high schools, colleges, and universities offer study abroad opportunities. Many different types of programs are available to choose from and they vary in time from as little as a week of study to one semester, or even a whole year. Often, as little as one semester or one year of prior language study is all that is needed to qualify to participate in an exchange program.
    Without taking that first step of signing up for a language class, you may just miss out on one of life's most exciting adventures possible. What could be better than living, breathing, and using your newly acquired language skills than actually putting them to use in one of the many Spanish-speaking countries from around the world? Not only does an exchange program give you the opportunity to use the Spanish you know, but also the opportunity to improve your language abilities on a daily basis. Constant exposure the language and culture of the city in which you study is believed to be the key to true language mastery and helps pave the way to literacy and native speaker like fluency.
    Exchange students benefit not only from the opportunity to practice language daily, but also from the credits they receive for the classes taken while abroad. Most schools even allow students to fulfill multiple academic requirements while studying in a foreign country. Who doesn't love the idea of receiving credits toward graduation at the same time as having the experience of a lifetime?

    Make lifelong friends: As most people would probably recognize, the primary purpose of a language is to facilitate communication between people. However, what many people don't realize is that learning a foreign language, although intimidating at times, opens many doors to meeting new and exciting people that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Getting to know somebody by communicating with them in their own language is a great way to really get to know that person on a much deeper level than only through communicating with gestures or body language. Language study, practice, and exposure to the language are vital to effective and successful communication.
    Even though becoming proficient in Spanish might take a lot of effort, dedication, and time on the part of the learner, the rewards can be great. Imagine all of the friends it is possible to make while on vacation, during study abroad, through having a common interest in music, or even while at work? Having lifelong international friends not only opens future travel opportunities but makes you a cultural ambassador both at home and abroad.

    Gain access to Spanish art, music, literature and film. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to view a film in its original language instead of watching it in a dubbed version? Are you tired of being distracted from enjoying a film by the need to read the film's subtitles? Have you wondered if the translation of the film is accurate or if you are missing out on the details in the film? Becoming proficient in Spanish would greatly enhance your enjoyment of such Oscar-winning films as Belle epoque (1993), All About My Mother (1999), The Sea Inside (2004).
    In addition to deriving more enjoyment from films, a knowledge of Spanish would help gain access into the minds and times of the people responsible for some of the greatest literature in the Spanish-speaking world. Who hasn't heard of Miguel de Cervantes, whose novel, Don Quixote was not only groundbreaking in the 16th century when first published, but continues to fascinate and inspire current audiences?
    What about Spanish music and art? Most people would recognize Cuban singing-sensation, Gloria Estefan, and Spanish cubist painter Pablo Picasso is known worldwide for his modern-style of art that has influenced the artistic community around the globe. In recent years, film stars from Spain and Latin America such as Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, and Salma Hayak have become recognized not just at home, but in Hollywood as well.
    So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start learning Spanish today and take advantage of all of the new opportunites it opens!

    Program Description

    CERVANTES is an academy of Spanish located on 4, Warrior Square in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England. We offer off line and on line lessons of Spanish (not only the language but the culture, tradition, the passion of the real Spaniards).
    The hours of operation for CERVANTES are:
    Monday-Friday 9a.m.-8.30p.m. off line / Monday-Sunday 24 hours on line.


    Would you like to start but have no idea how to get started?
    We would recommend you to start with a two day (weekdays or weekend) intensive programme and then continue with weekly sessions thereafter.

    Please visit CERVANTES website, you will not regret.
    Would like to contact us via email?

    CERVANTES success formula lies in different aspects.

    * First and most important for us:

    Yes, it means that Spanish is not just a language but a life style. If you want to feel what it does really mean, if you want to try another life style, where treating yourself and enjoying with family and friends are some of the most important things in life, then, you are in the correct place. Because life in only one and once, here is the Spanish language contribution to the internationally famous words - FIESTA & SIESTA-

    * Second aspect:

    Based on the Direct Method, we use a technique of teaching a foreign language without reference to the students native language. This method of total immersion has been proven to be the most effective means of rapidly developing real language skills. It is recognized as one of the best methods for language instruction and currently used around the world. With this method, students quickly develop the ability to think in their new language. This approach is both easy and satisfying. Student progress is quite rapid. Students progress at their own pace in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere. With our method, students will begin speaking their new foreign language from the very first lesson (guaranteed), even if they have never spoken a word of their new language before.

    * Third aspect:

    This is a real effective way of learning and practicing Spanish with different native teachers who, at the same time, work as a team, behind lessons, to ensure the students´success.

    At the same academy you will enjoy lessons with different accents and voices. Since our huge experience we DO totally believe that alternating lessons with female teachers and lessons with male teachers can definitely help students with a faster and effective improvement.

    This way of learning is the most similar to having a real interaction with the natives in Spain with the advantage of being at your own home.
    Once in Spain (or any another speaking Spanish country as there are 22!!!) you will be easily able to achieve an interaction with the locals since your ear will have been trained with different accents, genders and tones of voice.

    Tired with boring memorization?
    Do you find formal grammars tiresome and less than effective?

    This proven method also provides participants with a comprehensive range of services conveniently integrated in one solution, such as:

    * Easy scheduling of One-on-One, One-to-Two or Group Lessons
    * Self-study and trainer-directed online courses (membership available)
    * Skill focused activities on a variety of topics
    * Articles on a variety of topics of current interest (Spanish newspapers, films, etc)
    * Chat with skype/phone
    * Really affordable fees (discounts available).
    * All materials are included in the charge (no hidden fees).

    Our team of fully licensed and CRB checked teachers and pedagogical experts understand that learners have individual needs based on their level at entry, time availability, and learning style preferences. CERVANTES offers each participant the opportunity to select the most appropriate and effective range of activities, online and offline, homework, and phone/internet lessons in order to ensure efficient learning and long-term retention. The convenience of this system creates an optimum learning environment in which learners not only improve their language skills, but also gain confidence in the use of the language, which are basic ingredients in achieving fluency.

    Internet Classes
    Go to class—right at your office desk or home!! Internet Classes take advantage of the tremendous flexibility that comes from innovation to create a virtual classroom. With the use of chat rooms and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), we can offer a virtual environment in which trainers and learners can interact freely. We offer various skill oriented curricula to be delivered online by our trainers. Among the many advantages of Internet classes:

    * Full Interactivity Two-way Voice over Internet Protocol enables you to ask questions and receive answers in real time, just like in a traditional classroom. You can even raise your hand!
    * Cost and Time Efficiency - You don't have to travel to the course location. You can participate from anywhere as long as you have access to a computer.
    * Flexibility - Convenient scheduling to meet your needs.

    Teaching Experience

    We are CERVANTES, a group of native teachers of a reputed school, teaching on line for last 5 years, and off line for many more years.
    We are based in Eastbourne, the sunniest city in the green UK, and also in the beautiful Spain. Some of our teachers are based in different countries. We teach students from all over the world by internet.
    CERVANTES academy is looking for students who are keen to start our courses by internet or at Cervantes´s place, in Eastbourne. One to One, One to Two or Groups lessons, any age, all levels, everyone is welcome. Emphasis on SPEAKING and achieving progress. We offer pronunciation improvement, a focus on speaking in intact phrases and can push your progress to the next level. We really impact your FLUENCY.
    Academic supervision with our Academic Director.
    Periodic teacher rotation for optimum progress.


    LEONOR, from SPAIN, our Academical Director.

    Hello. My name is Leonor. I am from Spain and 34 years old.
    I am an Academical Director in Cervantes and I also teach standard, Castilian Spanish, the official language of modern Spain since I love my profession and find teaching more a pleasure than a job.
    I have discovered that teaching is a two way experience where the teacher often learns as much from the students as the students learn from the teacher. For me, teaching languages is a very rewarding experience.
    I am especially passionate about my native language, the Spanish language. I love not only the expressive beauty of the written Spanish, but the enchanting, musical sound and rhythm of spoken Spanish. The magic of the language of Cervantes is one of the reasons I have dedicated my life to the study of languages, especially the Spanish language.
    Besides a passion for languages and linguistics, I also enjoy traveling and tracing the roots of human history and civilization. I am especially fascinated by ancient history.
    Whatever your level is, we will be delighted to help with your Spanish.
    Below is your first challenge in Spanish.
    All the teachers have introduced themselves in Spanish, try to work out what they say. Even if you are a completely beginner you will be able to understand the most of their introductions and paragraphs. Have the challenge!!


    LORENZO from Madrid (SPAIN)

    Soy un madrileño de 36 años. Después de mis estudios en Filología Hispánica y máster ELE estuve trabajando tres años como profesor En Idaho y Ohio, USA.
    En lo personal me considero una persona extrovertida y comunicativa. Entre mis aficiones destacan la lectura, viajar, el deporte al aire libre, enseñar Español de forma amena y conocer gente de otras culturas interesadas en aprender español.

    MARÍA MUÑOZ from Cádiz (SPAIN)

    Soy española y, desde hace 10 años, profesora de Español.
    Soy Licenciada por la Universidad de Cádiz y tengo amplia formación y experiencia en la didáctica de la Lengua Española.
    Actualmente vivo en un pueblo al sur de España, muy cerca de la playa.
    Para mí, ser profesora de Español es un placer más que un trabajo.
    Me gustan las actividades al aire libre (senderismo, escalada, montar en bicicleta...) y me encanta escuchar música. Siempre que tengo ocasión, voy a conciertos en directo. Estaría encantada de ser tu profesora.

    ALEX QUINTANILLA from EL SALVADOR, living in Indianapolis (EEUU)

    Soy de San Salvador, El Salvador. Fui a EE.UU hace unos años para realizar mis estudios de maestría y doctorado en lingüística hispánica. Actualmente soy Assistant Professor of Spanish en Butler University (Indianapolis). Acá enseño clases relacionadas con la lingüística en español (dialectología, fonética, historia del español, etc.). Me gusta enseñar español en todos los niveles y aprender de otras culturas e intereses a través de los estudiantes. Mi clase favorita como profesor es la fonética y hablar de los diferentes acentos de los países hispanos. En mis ratos libres, me gusta jugar al Flight Simulator y en vacaciones viajar por otros países y, desde luego, pasar mucho tiempo en El Salvador.

    JULIA PEÑA from Seville (SPAIN)

    Hola a todos y todas. Me llamo Julia y soy una sevillana de 26 años licenciada en Filología Hispánica. Desde el primer día que me dieron la oportunidad de comenzar en la enseñanza de español descubrí en ello, más que un trabajo, mi verdadera vocación. Me di cuenta de que se trata de un maravilloso medio para extender tu idioma, tu cultura y tu forma de vivir al mismo tiempo que te enriqueces diariamente con la experiencia de los demás.
    Me considero una persona inquieta, vitalista y entregada. La lectura forma parte de mi identidad y me encanta el placer de trasladarme con ella en el tiempo y en el espacio a mundos posibles o imposibles. Disfruto además de las buenas conversaciones, escuchando buena música y viajando siempre que tengo ocasión.
    Estaría encantada de conoceros.

    AYELÉN from Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA)

    Mi nombre es Ayelén Carbó. Vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Estudié Letras en la Universidad Nacional de Rosario, mi ciudad natal, y me gradué en el año 2002 de Profesora. En el 2006 me mudé a la capital y comencé a enfocarme en la enseñanza de Español para extranjeros. En el 2009 hice una especialización en la enseñanza de ELE en Rosario. Me gusta mucho mi profesión, me encanta relacionarme con personas de otros países y tener la oportunidad de compartir nuestras culturas. Además de mi trabajo, me interesan la Literatura, la música, la danza y la fotografía.

    DAVID RAFAEL from Seville (SPAIN), living in ITALY

    Me llamo David Rafael Gómez Román, licenciado en Filología Hispánica por la Universidad de Sevilla, he hecho posteriormente un máster de enseñanza de Español a extranjeros en la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) y un curso de especialización sobre la enseñanza del Español de los negocios en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Lógicamente a esto uno mi experiencia como profesor en Sevilla pero sobre todo en Italia, país en el que vivo desde hace casi 4 años.
    Reconozco que soy un lector incansable, de hecho siempre tengo que tener un libro cerca, además me encanta el cine y en mi tiempo libre suelo dedicar algo de tiempo al mundo de los videojuegos. Para mí la enseñanza es una verdadera pasión, me dedico a esto por elección y espero transmitir a mis alumnos toda la energía que la lengua española contiene.

    EULALIA GRACIA from Huesca (SPAIN)

    Soy una persona responsable, sociable, seria y exigente tanto consigo misma como con los demás.
    Amante de la lectura y de los viajes, soy una profesora motivada porque me apasiona la enseñanza, y sobre todo relacionada con las lenguas y las Nuevas Tecnologías, con experiencia en la docencia desde hace más de 10 años y afán de superación en el aprendizaje de mi alumnado y en el mío propio.

    LILIANA CORREDOR from Bogotá (COLOMBIA), living in Madrid (SPAIN).

    Mi nombre es Liliana Corredor Romero, nací en Bogotá (Colombia) y allí estudié mi licenciatura en Lingüística y Literatura y mi Especialización en Lenguaje y Pedagogía de Proyectos. Posteriormente viajé a Madrid, donde realicé un máster en ELE.
    Disfruto mucho con la enseñanza, que es una de mis pasiones, junto con los viajes, la lectura y la interacción con personas de diferentes nacionalidades.
    Me gusta que mis estudiantes aprendan, para lo cual realizo seguimientos constantes de sus avances y propongo diferentes estrategias para que puedan alcanzar sus objetivos en el aprendizaje del Español.

    Teacher Training

    At CERVANTES our strength and stability is built on the relationship we have with our students and teachers and we hope that everyone will enjoy the benefits that this relationship brings.
    We are committed to offering a better service for all our students as well as innovative, great value lessons – after all we know that the happier students are, the more likely they are to keep their time with us.
    That´s why CERVANTES is totally concerned with students´ requests, offering new languages with native teachers!!
    CERVANTES´s dedication allows students to bring learning a language to life with their own private, native speaking, online language tutors.
    Feel real people and real conversation.
    It's the key to building your confidence and it's what learning to speak a foreign language is really all about.
    Flexible, effective & great fun.
    You can decide how many language lessons you would like and when with no need to commit to an expensive language course.

    At the moment CERVANTES is delighted to introduce its new teachers of Arabic, Italian and Portuguese. They are native, they are certified and they are experienced teachers.

    ABDELLAH MOU from Errachidia (MARRUECOS), living in Madrid (SPAIN)

    MR MOU speaks Spanish as a second language and has two university degrees in Arts.
    ABDELLAH MOU licenciado en Filología Hispánica y con DEA en Didáctica de las Lenguas y la Literatura (Español, Francés e Inglés) por la Facultad de Educación de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Amplia experiencia como profesor de idiomas y formador del profesorado europeo de Español Lengua Extranjera (ELE).
    Actualmente colabora como profesor honorífico y coordinador de talleres de formación de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, la Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo de Santander y el Foro de Experiencias Pedagógicas de la Fundación Encuentro.
    Dicha colaboración consiste en la integración de las TICs para mejorar las competencias en comprensión lectora y composición escrita.


    LARISSA is bilingual, she speaks Italian and Spanish as native tongues.
    Licenciada en Lenguas y Traducción en la Universidad La Sapienza en Roma, llevo trabajando de profesora de inglés, español e italiano para extranjeros desde el 2007. Desde pequeña he querido ser profesora de idiomas y por eso me encanta mi profesión. Amable y con don de gentes, me da mucha ilusión ver como mis alumnos progresan.
    Soy especializada en clases individuales para profesionales, niños, adolescentes y adultos gracias a mi experiencia en la academia de idiomas St. George’s Institute en Roma. Metodología propria y flexible según el perfil del estudiante, desarollada a través del contacto con los alumnos.
    De acuerdo con la teoría que dice que el aprendizaje de un idioma no sólo significa llegar a conocer un nuevo código sino también descubrir el mundo a nuestro alrededor, el material utilizado para las clases es muy variado y se adapta a las exigencias de cada estudiante.

    Laureata in Lingue e Traduzione presso l’Università La Sapienza di Roma, sono insegnante di inglese, spagnolo e italiano per stranieri dal 2007. Da quando ero piccola volevo diventare insegnante di lingue e perciò adoro la mia professione. Gentile e cordiale, sono sempre entusiasta quando vedo i progressi dei miei alunni.
    Sono specializzata in lezioni one-to-one per professionisti, bambini, adolescenti e adulti grazie alla mia esperienza nella scuola di lingue St. George’s Institute di Roma.
    D’accordo con la teoria che sostiene che l’apprendimento di una lingua non solo significa conoscere un nuovo codice ma anche scoprire il mondo che ci circonda, il materiale utilizzato per le lezioni è molto vario e si adatta alle esigenze di ogni studente.

    SIMONE SOUSA from BRASIL, living in País Vasco, (SPAIN)

    SIMONE speaks native Portuguese and speaks Spanish as a second language. She is doing her PHD is Spain.

    Soy brasileña licenciada en filología portuguesa e hispánica por la Universidad Federal de Pernambuco e imparto clases de portugués desde hace más de 10 años. Actualmente vivo en el País Vasco- España donde estoy terminando de escribir mi tesis doctoral. Disfruto mucho con el tiempo que dedico a la enseñanza porque en ella encuentro mi verdadera vocación. Además soy muy responsable y dedicada a mis tareas. Me gusta el cine, la literatura infantil, y conocer culturas en general.

    Sou brasileira licenciada em letras português/ espanhol pela UFPE e dou aulas de português há mais de 10 anos. Atualmente moro no Pais Vasco- Espanha onde estou terminado de escrever minha tese de doutorado. Adoro dar aulas e o tempo que passo fazendo isso é gratificante. Além disso sou uma pessoa responsável e dedicada a minhas atividades. Gosto de cinema, de literatura infantil e de conhecer culturas en geral.

    Cost of Lessons

    From 10 dollars per individual lesson


    Profile Creation: May 12, 2010
    Profile Last Edit: May 12, 2010
    Last Login: May 12, 2010

    Response time to most recent learner enquiry: 1316 days

    Contact Information

    Buy custom lessons from CERVANTES Academy of languages.
    Send email here.
    Telephone contact is not available. Please send email here.

    Contact CERVANTES Academy of languages now to buy personal and custom lessons.

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